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UPDATED 05.23.2016

I'll be drawing live at Sasquatch 2016


It's Always Sunny in Philildelphia

The Gang Goes on Family Fight

Charlie, do you eat Dragons?


goodbye BlackBook 38


My art in the Seattle Weekly

Finished. Seattle E-Bike

UPDATED 05.04.2016

For a WEEN fanzine submission

UPDATED 04.28.2016

I have artwork in CREEPY 23 by DARK HORSE COMICS

The frontispiece

The frontispiece

I pay tribute to comic book legends

Frank Frazetta

Bernie Wrightson

Richard Corben

Jack Davis

In the credits

my name is next to Richard Corben

Corben also has a short story in this issue

In the letters section

I have a fan!

Thank you Salvador Wolfe

Salvador Wolfe- contact me for a free sketch

UPDATED 04.24.2016

UPDATED 04.22.2016

Some sketchbook stuff

Ballard Life Drawing Class

I model,for the class

and draw back

Oscar smiles

cool collab

with artist Cassie Murphy

I benched Georgetown

UPDATED 04.13.2016

Sasquatch Festival pre meet

UPDATED 04.12.2016

Collab with Colin Curry

My third eye is kicking strong,

and out of my heart shines this incredible light.

I call it GOD, but it prefers to be called love.

Delusions of grandeur?

UPDATED 04.11.2016

KEXP Seattle

Sticker SLAP

Thanks Xaiver lopez

for this interview

Title: A Confab with Joshua Boulet – Of Dark Horse Comic Books,

Led Zeppelin, Love and Reefer Superheroes!

Sketching a sketcher

Colin in the Park

I'm trying to change this about me


it is a great quote

UPDATED 03.31.2016

The Sun Rays of Europia

watercolor by BOULET

for sale in the shop

Another Seatle Weekly cover!!!

I created this after watching

Jill Bolte Taylor's Ted Talk

So I sent it to here in an e-mail

She wrote back


UPDATED 03.21.2016

Bernie Sanders Rally at Key Arena


Standing in the rain drawing

will ruin sketchbooks

UPDATED 03.20.2016

Capitol Hill Light rail opens

Seattle Mayor Murray is there

I sketch him

UPDATED 03.12.2016

UPDATED 03.10.2016

new stuff!

Seattle Weekly cover

My art next to Daniel Clowes's art?

bad photo (lighting) of a great cover


Earlier in the day...

St.John at Bernard's in Seattle

UPDATED 03.09.2016

A new comic!

in the comic section

UPDATED 03.01.2016

I read a friends social media post

and made this

UPDATED 02.24.2016

UPDATED 02.23.2016

UPDATED 02.21.2016

As I was watching



I paused the movie to draw this scene

I made this to heal my heart

Updated 02/17/2016

Drawn at a Seattle local meet up

Updated 02/12/2016

Here is what I did today

Live drawing at




Nemesis local comic artist

Busy day

Updated 02/04/2016

A quick sketch

on the C Line

My drawing in the Seattle Weekly


Cool little art show

lots of great local talent

04.04.16 Pioneer Square Saloon 5/10p

Updated 01/25/2016


a quick one

that had me smiling

while drawing




From DRAWNK in Pioneer Square

The Talented Reed Carpenter painted me

Reed Carpenter (check out his FB. click here.)

from DUNE mini comic night



Happy MLK Day


Before I leave Dallas...

A comic

Warp Zine meet up


Lets start 2016 out right!



New comic in the comic section

Jacques Tardi influence


I am SpaceMonkey 420


Judge Dredd submission

I wanna be in Fight Club ..again


issue 7

I did the Covers for the Seattle Weekly Gift giving guide 2015

Christmas covers

Nortwest Leaf - Seattle/ WA

Oregon Leaf - Oregon



I've just come back from the future!

This all girl band is the new sound!


Fremont Abbey Arts Center

uses my sketch of


for their November events




Dark Horse Comics



Dean Ween

at Showbox Seattle

If you're a Ween fan, it was a great show




I have art in Creepy#22


images of Boulet drawing the



My Seattle Weekly Cover


based off photo by Charles Meacham

Sam Baxter at Viretta Park Seattle

Kurt Cobain memorial bench

Bradon Beach Oregon 2015


This makes me smile

Here is the backstory on this one.

The unfortunate house that is in front of the 50 bus/Alki gets a lot of foot traffic.

Just recently the owner (female) had begun to leave ‪‎chalk‬ out, with ideas for people to write things

One day I noticed the chalk was low so I anonymously dropped more off.

The sidewalk art continued

and then I saw this sign posted on the tree,

in front of the 50 bus stop

in ‪Alki‬ Seattle


Hempfest 2015

I have a backstage pass

Operation 2015

Always gotta draw Jake

Backstage McWilliams Stage

Kat B speaks

Seeley Stage at 4:20pm

Ready for free joints

Backstage Basedrop

Dancesafe backstage host


Hempfest 2015



Here is the comic



August Self Portrait


I colored this for a submission

Let's meet God

Read it here

Let's meet God



my comic is on HEAVY METAL dot com



New Comic

Based on a real report


Awesome Fight Club 2 News!

I'm in the back of ISSUE 3

They used my first drawing



in print, and on the Join Project Mayhem website

I joined Fight Club


Join Project Mayhem



I'm trying hard to get into the back of


Based on a real life conversation


Enlightenment by Boulet?


I wheat past a crossword puzzle and connect-the-dots puzzles

in Post Alley/ Seattle

I document the audience interact with it

Click here to go the the YOUTUBE video


For Fight Club 2

Updated 06.28.2015

So I have a GoPro now

The goal is to make art videos of me creating

This is the first one of many

Zach Pohl plays at Herbs House

Ballard / Seattle


Updated 06.24.2015

Susie Philipsen at the Fremont Arts Abbey

Erik Walters

Jolie Holland

Jolie Holland play the Fremont Abbey

Seattle Bus Graffiti.

Updated 06.22.2015

Seattle Bus Graffiti.

I believe the tag is "INSPIRE"

Updated 06.19.2015

Graffiti or Art?

A sketchbook page

Still in Seattle

I drew on a West Seattle map

My Bus Transfer Art is hung

I wheat pasted something

Updated 06.15.2015

Updated 06.08.2015

King County Metro

So I saved my bus transfers

Glued them to paper

then drew on top

Updated 06.02.2015

Updated 06.01.2015

Updated 05.27.2015

NorthWest FolkLife at the Seattle Center


Updated 04.30.2015

Lets end the month with a sketchbook dump

Ninja Tutles

Updated 04.19.2015

Here is what I did yesterday

in drawings

I leave Georgetown, meet a friend, then back to West Seattle


The party spills into the streets

The Fire Marshall comes

I quickly sketch the firetruck

Everything is OK!

The party goes on

The Fire Marshall says "Hey, nice sketch. You're quick!"

Another one comes back to look


Updated 04.15.2015

Here is what I did today, in drawings

Sat in on an open meeting of the

Seattle Arts Commission

Stumbled upon a protest

...and joined them.

I drew while I walked

Visited 4Culture Seattle

What a good day

Updated 04.13.2015

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say with this one

but I'm trying to say something

Updated 04.12.2015

I end the night with a punk show

Seen here Seattle's own "SUCCESS!"

Black Lives Matter

at Columbia City Art Gallery

Updated 04.09.2015

Looking out this window

Sound Transit Metro King County Seattle

Updated 04.02.2015

I'm on the Cover of Seattle Weekly

Updated 04.01.2015

Emerald City Comic Con

as lived by BOULET


Updated 03.29.2015

I take a break from Emerald City Comic Con

to sketch a crew of girls spray paint a wall

I Heart Comic Art

begins Emerald City Comic Con 2015

Updated 03.23.2015

Gift of Gab in Fremont Seattle

I watch Master artist KIM JUNG GI US

As lived by Boulet

Updated 03.15.2015

She painted in the rain

I draw.

Updated 03.12.2015

Grafitti Girls only!

Updated 02.25.2015

Urban Sketchers Feb 2015


Updated 02.09.2015

Updated 02.02.2015

I am at home drawing. Waiting. Watching the Seahawks in Superbowl XLIX, and I must say they are looking pretty damn good. I think they are going do it! Yeah, they are gonna win!-- And that means there will be a riot downtown! 

It’s the 3rd quarter. 4th and down. I pull a Hail Mary- grabbing the sketchbook, and jump on a bus heading to Pioneer Square. On the ride there I have time to think. Wow, my first real riot. I have missed so many of the big ones. (I was close in NYC during Occupy) Hmmm, What if the riot became kind of a thing, a Victory Riot. It could be part of the game. Like how the commercials are now. What if each city was guaranteed a riot after the victory? It would give us a chance to let off a lot of steam, and maybe burn a few things. Isn.t that what this game is about anyway? So riding the 21 bus towards downtown I am able to convince myself that I am not going to just fuck shit up.

I get to Pioneer Square and Cops are EVERYWHERE. I join a crowd that has spilled out onto the street, watching the final two minutes of the game. A group of SPD are huddled around a news van. One of them screams. !YES! YES! Thank God yes! Then 7 seconds later the rest of us witness the miracle happen. Jermaine Kearse s amazing catch. I walk over to the Police group, staying a safe distance of course, and I watch the Seahawks lose 7 seconds before everyone else. The Fans scream !WHY? Why would you throw the ball on the one yard line?! I wonder if the pass had worked would they be screaming about the brilliance of the play?

A large group of Police are being sent home, and they look relieved. Blue and green pours out of the bars. Deflated. It actually happened. The Seahawks lost the Superbowl. That means…. There will not be a riot! Deflated, I walk around Pioneer Square. Man, no one is flipping over cars, or burning anything! Some people scream !SEA! !HAWKS!. I see someone snapping pictures of a cute dog. Everyone just seems really really sad that we lost. So I walk around and end up walking past the Mission Homeless Shelter. There are about 20 or more men outside. Some are smoking cigarettes. As I pass my thoughts are about what hardships their lives must have had to put them here. Then I remember this radio report I had heard earlier in the day, about a guy in Vegas betting almost a million dollars on the game. I looked at these homeless, possibly hungry people here, and thought ...Man, what a douche bag.

Eventually I make it to my bus stop where the universe places an attractive blonde. She has the Seahawks Eye Black, and tugs two small twin dogs. A hello leads to a conversation, and we end up boarding the C bus together. Not even one stop later I hear dispatch over the radio saying, !All buses do not take 1st avenue there are serious disruptions in Pioneer Square.! I rush to the front, and ask the bus driver if I can get off right here. !Are you serious! he asks. !Yes. I’m serious.! He hesitates. Then opens the door. I look both ways and then hope off. I hear someone in a sad voice say ....I want to riot.

As I rush towards Pioneer Square I play the bus moment over in my head. Man that was to cool. Total action movie moment. I know it. There was a cute girl, and everything. Wait a minute. I have no way of contacting that cute girl! Kaylee, if you read this you can call me at 206.555.0420.

I make it to Pioneer Square and there are no SERIOUS DISRUPTIONS here. The Square looks exactly the same as when I left it! Ugh! I walk around a little more, and finally a cop yells at me. !Hey get off the phone, and pay attention! I quickly do what I am told. After all, I am dressed in all black. Eventually I must accept that there is not going be a riot. I catch the C bus back to West Seattle. It is a crowded bus full of drunks that argue over how good poutine is. I safely make it back home and blaze my own Super Bowl.

Updated 01.26.2015


This tree had many faces in it

Updated 01.25.2015

Updated 01.18.2015

Some heavy reading?

Updated 01.17.2015

Updated 01.16.2015

Whoever fell in love today, this one is for you.

Updated 01.10.2015

Practicing my colors.This seemed like a good one to color...

Updated 01.01.2015

Fireworks from Alki Beach.

West Seattle

Updated 12.25.2014

Merry Christmas to all!

Here is something I made for my Mom, because I love her

Updated 12.21.2014

Updated 12.15.2014

Living in West Seattle/ Alki is BEAUTIFUL

Getting here and there by bus is trying

But then I witness something like this

Updated 12.07.2014

Henry "I Myth You"

Ballard/ Seattle

My art on the Christmas cover of the Dec issue of NorthWest Leaf

...and a two page spread...

I'm currently working on my 33rd sketchbook


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