Joshua Boulet's Sketch the World




I've just come back from the future!

This all girl band is the new sound!


Fremont Abbey Arts Center

uses my sketch of


for their November events




Dark Horse Comics



Dean Ween

at Showbox Seattle

If you're a Ween fan, it was a great show




I have art in Creepy#22


images of Boulet drawing the



My Seattle Weekly Cover


based off photo by Charles Meacham

Sam Baxter at Viretta Park Seattle

Kurt Cobain memorial bench

Bradon Beach Oregon 2015


This makes me smile

Here is the backstory on this one.

The unfortunate house that is in front of the 50 bus/Alki gets a lot of foot traffic.

Just recently the owner (female) had begun to leave ‪‎chalk‬ out, with ideas for people to write things

One day I noticed the chalk was low so I anonymously dropped more off.

The sidewalk art continued

and then I saw this sign posted on the tree,

in front of the 50 bus stop

in ‪Alki‬ Seattle


Hempfest 2015

I have a backstage pass

Operation 2015

Always gotta draw Jake

Backstage McWilliams Stage

Kat B speaks

Seeley Stage at 4:20pm

Ready for free joints

Backstage Basedrop

Dancesafe backstage host


Hempfest 2015



Here is the comic



August Self Portrait


I colored this for a submission

Let's meet God

Read it here

Let's meet God



my comic is on HEAVY METAL dot com



New Comic

Based on a real report


Awesome Fight Club 2 News!

I'm in the back of ISSUE 3

They used my first drawing



in print, and on the Join Project Mayhem website

I joined Fight Club


Join Project Mayhem



I'm trying hard to get into the back of


Based on a real life conversation


Enlightenment by Boulet?


I wheat past a crossword puzzle and connect-the-dots puzzles

in Post Alley/ Seattle

I document the audience interact with it

Click here to go the the YOUTUBE video


For Fight Club 2

Updated 06.28.2015

So I have a GoPro now

The goal is to make art videos of me creating

This is the first one of many

Zach Pohl plays at Herbs House

Ballard / Seattle


Updated 06.24.2015

Susie Philipsen at the Fremont Arts Abbey

Erik Walters

Jolie Holland

Jolie Holland play the Fremont Abbey

Seattle Bus Graffiti.

Updated 06.22.2015

Seattle Bus Graffiti.

I believe the tag is "INSPIRE"

Updated 06.19.2015

Graffiti or Art?

A sketchbook page

Still in Seattle

I drew on a West Seattle map

My Bus Transfer Art is hung

I wheat pasted something

Updated 06.15.2015

Updated 06.08.2015

King County Metro

So I saved my bus transfers

Glued them to paper

then drew on top

Updated 06.02.2015

Updated 06.01.2015

Updated 05.27.2015

NorthWest FolkLife at the Seattle Center


Updated 04.30.2015

Lets end the month with a sketchbook dump

Ninja Tutles

Updated 04.19.2015

Here is what I did yesterday

in drawings

I leave Georgetown, meet a friend, then back to West Seattle


The party spills into the streets

The Fire Marshall comes

I quickly sketch the firetruck

Everything is OK!

The party goes on

The Fire Marshall says "Hey, nice sketch. You're quick!"

Another one comes back to look


Updated 04.15.2015

Here is what I did today, in drawings

Sat in on an open meeting of the

Seattle Arts Commission

Stumbled upon a protest

...and joined them.

I drew while I walked

Visited 4Culture Seattle

What a good day

Updated 04.13.2015

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say with this one

but I'm trying to say something

Updated 04.12.2015

I end the night with a punk show

Seen here Seattle's own "SUCCESS!"

Black Lives Matter

at Columbia City Art Gallery

Updated 04.09.2015

Looking out this window

Sound Transit Metro King County Seattle

Updated 04.02.2015

I'm on the Cover of Seattle Weekly

Updated 04.01.2015

Emerald City Comic Con

as lived by BOULET


Updated 03.29.2015

I take a break from Emerald City Comic Con

to sketch a crew of girls spray paint a wall

I Heart Comic Art

begins Emerald City Comic Con 2015

Updated 03.23.2015

Gift of Gab in Fremont Seattle

I watch Master artist KIM JUNG GI US

As lived by Boulet

Updated 03.15.2015

She painted in the rain

I draw.

Updated 03.12.2015

Grafitti Girls only!

Updated 02.25.2015

Urban Sketchers Feb 2015


Updated 02.09.2015

Updated 02.02.2015

I am at home drawing. Waiting. Watching the Seahawks in Superbowl XLIX, and I must say they are looking pretty damn good. I think they are going do it! Yeah, they are gonna win!-- And that means there will be a riot downtown! 

It’s the 3rd quarter. 4th and down. I pull a Hail Mary- grabbing the sketchbook, and jump on a bus heading to Pioneer Square. On the ride there I have time to think. Wow, my first real riot. I have missed so many of the big ones. (I was close in NYC during Occupy) Hmmm, What if the riot became kind of a thing, a Victory Riot. It could be part of the game. Like how the commercials are now. What if each city was guaranteed a riot after the victory? It would give us a chance to let off a lot of steam, and maybe burn a few things. Isn.t that what this game is about anyway? So riding the 21 bus towards downtown I am able to convince myself that I am not going to just fuck shit up.

I get to Pioneer Square and Cops are EVERYWHERE. I join a crowd that has spilled out onto the street, watching the final two minutes of the game. A group of SPD are huddled around a news van. One of them screams. !YES! YES! Thank God yes! Then 7 seconds later the rest of us witness the miracle happen. Jermaine Kearse s amazing catch. I walk over to the Police group, staying a safe distance of course, and I watch the Seahawks lose 7 seconds before everyone else. The Fans scream !WHY? Why would you throw the ball on the one yard line?! I wonder if the pass had worked would they be screaming about the brilliance of the play?

A large group of Police are being sent home, and they look relieved. Blue and green pours out of the bars. Deflated. It actually happened. The Seahawks lost the Superbowl. That means…. There will not be a riot! Deflated, I walk around Pioneer Square. Man, no one is flipping over cars, or burning anything! Some people scream !SEA! !HAWKS!. I see someone snapping pictures of a cute dog. Everyone just seems really really sad that we lost. So I walk around and end up walking past the Mission Homeless Shelter. There are about 20 or more men outside. Some are smoking cigarettes. As I pass my thoughts are about what hardships their lives must have had to put them here. Then I remember this radio report I had heard earlier in the day, about a guy in Vegas betting almost a million dollars on the game. I looked at these homeless, possibly hungry people here, and thought ...Man, what a douche bag.

Eventually I make it to my bus stop where the universe places an attractive blonde. She has the Seahawks Eye Black, and tugs two small twin dogs. A hello leads to a conversation, and we end up boarding the C bus together. Not even one stop later I hear dispatch over the radio saying, !All buses do not take 1st avenue there are serious disruptions in Pioneer Square.! I rush to the front, and ask the bus driver if I can get off right here. !Are you serious! he asks. !Yes. I’m serious.! He hesitates. Then opens the door. I look both ways and then hope off. I hear someone in a sad voice say ....I want to riot.

As I rush towards Pioneer Square I play the bus moment over in my head. Man that was to cool. Total action movie moment. I know it. There was a cute girl, and everything. Wait a minute. I have no way of contacting that cute girl! Kaylee, if you read this you can call me at 206.555.0420.

I make it to Pioneer Square and there are no SERIOUS DISRUPTIONS here. The Square looks exactly the same as when I left it! Ugh! I walk around a little more, and finally a cop yells at me. !Hey get off the phone, and pay attention! I quickly do what I am told. After all, I am dressed in all black. Eventually I must accept that there is not going be a riot. I catch the C bus back to West Seattle. It is a crowded bus full of drunks that argue over how good poutine is. I safely make it back home and blaze my own Super Bowl.

Updated 01.26.2015


This tree had many faces in it

Updated 01.25.2015

Updated 01.18.2015

Some heavy reading?

Updated 01.17.2015

Updated 01.16.2015

Whoever fell in love today, this one is for you.

Updated 01.10.2015

Practicing my colors.This seemed like a good one to color...

Updated 01.07.2015

Artist collaboration with Seattle Artist MN8

Updated 01.01.2015

Fireworks from Alki Beach.

West Seattle

Updated 12.25.2014

Merry Christmas to all!

Here is something I made for my Mom, because I love her

Updated 12.21.2014

Updated 12.15.2014

Living in West Seattle/ Alki is BEAUTIFUL

Getting here and there by bus is trying

But then I witness something like this

Updated 12.07.2014

Henry "I Myth You"

Ballard/ Seattle

My art on the Christmas cover of the Dec issue of NorthWest Leaf

...and a two page spread...

I'm currently working on my 33rd sketchbook

Updated 11.30.2014

my artwork made it on the West Seattle Blog

Updated 11.29.2014

West Seattle. Alki

Updated 11.25.2014

Updated 11.24.2014

This Texas boy is in a SeaHawk town

Updated 11.21.2014

If you were at Darby Doobie's good bye party, then you might be in this drawing

Updated 11.16.2014

Short Run Seattle was good. Sold out of what I had. Chilled for the last hour finishing this


The White Buffalo is playing in Seattle, at the Crocodile club. 

I don't have ticket and, on the night of the show, I enter the club. 

"Is the show sold out?" I ask. 

The two working the door, tell me they aren't sure, but ticket sells begin at 7:30. I'll have to come back then.

I'm outside when the same bouncer comes running up to me. 

"Hey you wanted to see the show right?" The young Bouncer asks.


"Today is your lucky day" he says as he holds out the small blue ticket. "Someone didn't need this." 

I love my Karma. I hand him a $10, for drinks, in exchange for the ticket. 

Now, I walk around the block, smoke some hash, and I am ready for the show. 

The above is my favorite song of "THE WHITE BUFFALO", and he was playing it as I was drawing this.  Song title "Every Night and Every Day"


It's a good show. A really good show.

I walk back to Alki/ West Seattle

crash out on a floor

and wake up to this

....and weed.


UPDATED 11.10.2014 by BOULET

UPDATED 11.06.2014 by BOULET

So I just found out I am in a documentary

Occupy Love

Or currently on Netflixs

I think it already is a LOVE STORY,

and that's how history will document it

I remember this scene, and the camera being shoved in the tent



UPDATED 10.29.2014 by BOULET

UPDATED 10.27.2014 by BOULET

UPDATED 10.11.2014

I asked a question, and visually was given this answer

Original for sale or use the paypal button for an awesome print ($20.00)

UPDATED 10.03.2014 by BOULET

From my Artist Residency at the Bizarre in Oakland.


UPDATED 09.27.2014 by BOULET

UPDATED 09.12.2014 by BOULET

Gurellia Street Art

Drawing Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco

UPDATED 09.09.2014 by BOULET

The Moment Before plays Napa Valley California

My friends and I walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I draw most of this while walking behind them.

tight details follow later

UPDATED 08.26.2014 by BOULET

UPDATED 08.22.2014 by BOULET


As lived by BOULET

For the next few days I will behind the scenes documenting by drawing the 


It's 8:00 am. 

Too early for this stoner. 

Set up starts today and will require all week.

 I ride into myrtle Edwards Park with Darby Doobie and Jess.

Once they take control of the park,

Set up begins quickly...

Sketching the volunteer crew. 

This is Retaliation; The Dead Ninja

9:59 AM


setting up "OPERATIONS"

11:26 AM


The first day I spend walking around sketching what I can.


I felt this would only look good in photo.

The Hemposium rises...

3:15 PM

It's still day one. 

Day one ends early for me.

I leave the hardworking crew for a very comfortable bed.

That night I fall asleep listening to Seattle's greatest musician;

the rain. 



I get to the park late, and everyone is already hard at work.

I begin to recognize familiar structures and parts of festival. 

I should be sketching.

Zach Whitson, a.k.a "Little Whitson" poses with his Mom, and asks me to sketch them.

Later Zach will ask if I can draw a perfect circle.

I tell him "No", and then provide examples.


I try to be in the park at 4:20 each day.

The thing is that everyone is working so hard

4:20 comes and goes with out much notice.

but there  are  things I notice.

Site Placement adds their touch to the #420 booth location.

I  continue to walk around and sketch random things and events. 

Justin and "Bones".


By the end of the second day main stage is a completed skeleton.



There are rumors of rain, 

but I ignore those.

Instead I draw. 

Casper and The Lovely Penny.

The volunteers work very hard, and must take much needed breaks.

Hydrating is also very important here. 

Justin looks back at me, and smiles.

He begins to sing.

It's the Cheers theme, but a pot version of it.

Healing in the QM 

Michael a.k.a The Honey Badger.

Nicole of Hempfest

Volunter Ground Crew badges by Boulet





Nicole and Darby Doobie, leads of the VGC ask if I "wanna see some fun."

Of course I do.

"Hop in" says Darby Doobie.

and I draw...

Today it does rain. 

(above) Joy makes my day

Devin (below)



I am handed an all access pass, and I get to work, drawing.

Vivian McPeak says I'm sketchy.

Sometimes he's right.

Vivian's view from main stage. 

Friday night there is a V.I.P Thank You party.

Jake Littlefield wants me to climb up on top of main stage to do a drawing.

I agree that this would be awesome.

Jake does the leg work and gets the Main Stage Manager, Jon Davis, to agree to let me do just that.

First I must meet Jon at Main Stage the following day 



9 AM. 


I get a lesson in climbing safety. Things like how to lock my legs.

The plan is to let me climb the stage at 4:20pm. 

That will be when the park is most crowded, and there will be a member of Safety Patrol at top.

Climbing, I was a little nervous, at first.

Safety Patrol scans the crowd, making sure no one is hurt, then checks on me. 

He verifies I'm also okay, and then climbs down. 

I'm strapped in, and alone at the top. 

(pic by Joe Turner)

Once I calm myself I am able to fully stand and start drawing.

I hear someone yelling "BOULET!"

I look up to a group of smiles.

Thank you Joe Turner for snapping the above pic.

I sketch randomly, and begin work on the (below) main drawing.

I make the most of my time up there, and get another quick sketch of

 Vivian McPeak as he talks to us about HempFest.

Life is good.


Day 6 winds down into the late hours.



The last Day of Hempfest

(above) Yes, that is my art on that Hempfest shirt!


My artwork from my very first 'Fest (2009) hangs in the Seeley Stage lounge area. 

"we did it' I hear a volunteer shout

"we pulled off another Hempfest!"


That they did.

DAY 8 


It's Monday. 

Hempfest is over, but we're still in the park. 

Tear down requires three days. 

After Fest closes it's generally only the "hard core" volunteers that stay for clean up.

One of those volunteers is Kenji.

We talk, optimistically, about life as I sketch him.

When I show him my book he laughs, telling me that he is the one who spray painted the pot leaf on the #420 site placement.

Thank you universe. 

I continue to help pick up the trash in the park. Hempfest's goal is to leave the park cleaner than how they received it. 

this means picking up every single cigarette butt, and oh there are a lot of them.

Cigarette butts and blunt wrappers make up most of what I collect.

Then I stumble upon the disassemble pot leaf. 

 Hempfest is over.







I came for the Barbecue. 

I found something better. 

(above) MAIN STAGE

Today I witnessed the most beautiful thing I will ever see. 

Having said that, how sad it sounds to think that I could never see anything as beautiful again, for the rest of my life.

But that is wrong, that is part of the beauty of what I saw.

I can witness this as often as I want, and it will be in different forms each time.

So here we go.


I'm at the Art and Soul OAKTOWN THROWDOWN.

I'm at the CLAY ST STAGE. This is a Gospel showcase stage.

I'm sitting in the benches, at the very back. Observing, as I was created to do..

I smile.

My next heart beat is warm and fuzzy.

I see it.

I'm looking at the crowd, the act on stage, back to the crowd. Everyone is dancing, singing. and all this

and all of this is in praise of God.

My eyes tear up.

It's beautiful.

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

More beautiful than a naked woman.

More beautiful than a sticky bud of cannabis.

More beautiful than my perfect drawing- finished.



Praising God.

UPDATED 08.01.2014 by BOULET



I skate from 40th street to the First Friday Art Walk.

It is my first time here.

It is bigger than I expect.

good thing I always bring my sketchbook.

Spreading LOVE.

UPDATED 7.29.2014 by BOULET

Now it is time for me to wander around SAN FRANCSICO, Draw, and get lost.

PIER 39: I stand in the middle of the tourists (This is a large crowd) and I draw...


UPDATED 7.22.2014 by BOULET

Not all who wander are lost...

The lovely and talented Jenny Singer wrote an article on me as a traveling artist. Wanna read it? click below.


UPDATED 7.16.2014 by BOULET

The call of the road. 


where the Bizzare Brothers have a non solvent hash entry, and I was just told I was going with. 

We leave Oakland and...


to San Bernardino

I am on the road again. 



On main stage, E40 gets the crowd hype





Les Claypool's  "Duo De Twang."


The reason I am here.

We want the Bizzare Brothers to win.

Non Solvent Hash

Third place is announced.

 Second Place is announced.

The Bizzare Brothers take second place, and they are happy.

Goodbye Chalice Cup 2014 



UPDATED 07.08.2014 by BOULET

i'm running around on the BART, trying to find something smart

UPDATED 07.01.2014 by BOULET

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge

I spot a police man profiling me. It makes me uncomfortable.

I know what hes doing.

He thinks I want to jump off this bridge.

I walk past, and he catches up.

Hey Buddy, How ya doing today?

Im Fine.

Im already opening my sketchbook, ready to explain, as he fries off a bunch of questions. I answer.

Where you from? What brings you to the bridge today?

I explain that I am an artist, show him my drawing of the bridge, and thank him for being concerned about me. He smiles.

Well, okay. He says. I just wanted to make sure you werent gonna jump. You looked a little gloom.

???? Bummer.

We say bye, and I walk to the Vista Point side of the bridge, but with a weird feeling. Was I gonna jump?

I didnt get close to the edge again, but a couple times I did sing to myself, loudly.

UPDATED 06.24.2014 by BOULET

Watercolors from Seattle

I've forgotten how much I loved it here


She looked at me and said "I see you. You are one thousand different points of light and different colors."

And I let her get away.

 Looking back I'm not sure if there was anything I could have done. I was in love from the start, and she would leave me at a bus stop in Bakersfield CA.

This would be my Colorado.

I followed Sarah out here, with out a plan. The last five years have been without plans. Usually it works out.

So here I am, climbing a mountain in Boulder Colorado


I gotta stop to catch my breath.

Exhausted, I plop down.

Ow. Something is sticking in my butt. 

I don't care.

Catch my breath. 

I stretch out in the warm sun, and fall asleep. 

When I wake up, and decide to move again I realize I had been laying in a cactus patch. 

That was the pain. 

So I will continue the climb with a fair amount of cactus thorns stuck in my butt.  


I was this high.

I wanted to climb to the "weird" rock but at that point I was satisfied. 

Back down. 


Denver Art Museum 

I'm sketching in the Modern Masters exhibit, and a security guard tells me that I can not sketch in here. 

This is the first time I've ever been told I can't sketch something.

Oh, my bruised ego.




I sketch the mountain one day when it is covered in low clouds. 

I call this my back yard, as I can walk to it, as it only takes 20 minutes.


By now I have spent a month in Colorado, drawing, and smoking weed- with Sarah.

I know that if I follow her to California I will be following heartbreak.

She looks at me, and smiles. I smile back. Let it break, I think.

Let it break into a thousand fucking pieces. 

I'll be strong enough to get through this, besides isn't it said that the more your heart breaks the more it opens up?

So I chip in on the gas, and we ride to


" Innocence is proof of Spirituality"

After sleeping in the national forest, hoping, but not seeing a Sasquatch, we wake up early in the AM to a park ranger cruising by.

 It's a beautiful day, and when we arrive at Mesa Verde we are one of the first ones there.

Sarah screams "It ain't about existing anymore- it's about living!"

It's Sunday morning, today, this is our church.

"House of Many Windows"

Flashback to Boulder CO, at a Goodwill, we picked up some road music. One CD is Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" This will play on loop the remaining time, fusing that song and these following memories. Together. Forever.

She books two tours.


Sarah is, the self labeled, "Queen of Psyadelics"

 (If you have ever heard the Sublime song "SCARLET BEGONIAS". I'm convinced it was written about her.)

Sarah pulls out two tabs of acid.

She looks at me and says "I see you. You are one thousand different points of light and different colors."

She hands me a tab. 

And I drop acid for the first time.

It's gonna take a little bit for it to kick in so I have time to tell you about the tour we're about to go on. 

It's an affordable tour, at only $4, and it allows us to go down into the cliff dwellings. Joining a large group, we climb ladders and crawl through small tunnels to get to the main area.

When the tour exits Sarah and I stay behind. 

We are left alone in the ruins.

 It gives her time to do something that she wanted, which is connect to the ancestors here.

 She climbs down into one of the giant holes, touches the bottom, and leaves an offering- a bracelet she had picked up early on the road.

Off limits, unless.... 

She climbs back up and we hang out until we can hear the next tour coming.

 And yes, by now the acid has kicked in.

Laughing, we make our exit.

We squeeze through a small hole, and then up a ladder, we come to a locked gate.

No problems. We hop the fence.

A confused, vacationing, husband and wife stare at us

"I want to talk to the bees." Sarah announces, and I follow her into the wooded dessert. 

I can see the life force of the trees here. 

They dance and sway in the wind. . 

A realization while on acid

I smile, as I watch the trees dance.

I can see them breathing. In. out. Along with me.

What happens if I stop? They also so down.

SO the universe is a reflection of me/ you only.

As selfish as that is, I control all of this.

 Then I realize all the beauty I miss outside.

I promise myself I will quit killing myself with tobacco

Knowledge is seeing beyond.


I will die alone.

So I create beauty, everyday.

Heal your heart

Heal the world.

It's time to interact and remind ourselves that we are at Mesa Verde.

We return to the cliff dwellings, but damn, there are a lot of people.

We decide on something a little more low key, which is to walk the petroglyph trail

I watch Sarah, 



 jump and skip. 

Did I already tell you that she was beautiful?

She stops to talk to a lizard, and confirms that we are going the right way.

We stop to admire the view, but head for a better one.

She finds it. A cave.

 We have to climb to it. She immediately does, and helps me up.

This is where we will stay for hours.

I stare at the view, committing it to memory, but I do sketch it as well.

It's magnificent.

A crow swoops past us, it's new neighbors.

We joke and laugh and smoke weed.

The acid makes us feel good.

This is cave life, and surely this must have been what it was like back in the day.

We spend time laying out on the front rock, sun bathing.

Tourists walk past the trail, and and I welcome them to our cave.

They all smile.


one interaction that makes me smile. About the third time I've welcomed someone

A couple, an older man and woman.

Sarah says Hello first.

Them: Hello

Me: "Welcome" Gesturing to our cave and mountain.


"You've guys been hanging out here long?" asks the man, as they continue down

"Oh, a couple years." I answer.


Sarah discovers the sandstone sounds hollow and creates a drum beat with the rocks.

Don't change the channel- look at that view.


I guess we should leave the cave, before it gets dark. We do gotta hike back.

I say goodbye to the cave, and climb down. That was the highlight of the trip for me.


It's been a long day.

The sun sets as we drive out of the park.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is on repeat, and it plays us out of the park.

Thank you Elton John for helping make Mesa Verde awesome.

Now the weird part.

Unexplained "Lights" come in and out of this Colorado Mountian.

What I saw was



The next morning I am woken up by Sarah smiling, saying "Wanna see some dinosaur tracks?

Hell yes. I open the door.

It's a long drive to California, and closer to the end.

Sarah stops to pick up a hitch hiker.

Later she said it was because she could see his glow.

He was a red headed kid, and in the sunlight that red hair did glow.

His name is Daniel.

He Australian.

He has an accent, that the second thing I noticed. Besides the red hair.

He's a musician headed to Las Vegas to record.

50 miles later of polite conversation, we drop him off.

He quickly disappears into another car.


this is the end.

I chip in a little more on gas, and we make it to Bakersfield California.

Sarah stops about two blocks away from the GreyHound bus station, and looks at me. "This is okay right?"

I guess so.

I hop out, and she is already pulling my things out of her Jeep.

I try to smile.

We hug as she says "We will see each other again, soon"

I know that is a lie.

I turn around and leave, never looking back, and never to see Sarah again.

She left with her lover, the road.



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